The chrome bar soils quickly and intensely and only can be pressed agreeably on its edges. Many users will benefit from “Delete” on the right upper edge and “Control” at the keyboard’s other end. The chip even simulates four cores due to supported hyper threading simultaneous processing of 4 threads possible. Open the nvidia X server settings. However, looking closer at the prototype’s carton, we found further printed color options for reasons of identifying the single packaged notebook. The heating up of the chassis stays within limits in every operating mode.

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Moist fingers will rub unpleasantly over the pad and surfing turns quickly to suffering. On Tue, Jul 19, at 7: We observed a constant but consistent running of the system fan in idle mode even under low office load. You also have the option of sending a digital signal to appropriately equipped monitors with the HDMI port. More importantly, this combination shatters today’s netbook conventions by delivering a rich multimedia experience.

As already so often, we have to note that glossy surfaces have hdji extreme tendency of soiling by dust particles and fingerprints. In comparison to the results in the SuperPi benchmark, an advantage of 0. The heating up of the chassis stays within limits in every operating mode. Users can enjoy a smooth HD video experience on the unit’s However, the chip supports 64 bit applicationswhich also distinguishes it 1201b both other mentioned single-core competitors. Thus, the user now has two interfaces for connecting external image display hdmo available.


If the right software is used, the combination can provide a significant improvement with HD content. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer specification pages for full details. The result looks the same in the Cinebench rendering test.

Actually a must in mobile devices: Any more ideas would be very welcome!

The Eee PC N shows a very good stability aside from the lacquered plastic components’ average material impression. We found software for rendering various audio and video files with “Total Media Theater 3” on our prototype.

The single keys, in chiclet design, turn out quite small in view of their stroke surface of 14×14 millimeters. It’s a bit too bad that the netbook is always present even without load.

Asus has, however, surprisingly allowed itself plenty of time as to the topic of Ion, so a powerful GeForce M graphic card combined with an Intel Atom CPU, as there are already comparable competitor models on the market. Only well chosen shadowy places at best come in question for outdoor use. Even Microsoft Works bustled around on the desktop.

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I had the same problem. Nor does it help much, if the maximum display brightness is also available in battery mode. A dead zone in the center area, where inputs are either not at all accepted or only with especially strong pressure, is annoying.

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This observation also reflects our impression when working with the netbook. This could lead to synchronization problems when external devices, such as external sound cards, are connected.

I have managed to wade through the problems of running Ubuntu The display opens a few centimeters when the closed book is asux upside down. The battery life of up to six hours turns out satisfactory and grants the Eee N a feasible mobility.

Download Asus Eee PC N HDMI Audio Driver

A good workmanship can be ascribed to the Eee N with exception of the keyboard unit. The higher TDP already indicates a higher power consumption of the chip.

Picking up and carrying the netbook on 1201h display bezel is also possible without further ado. Asus Eee PC N.