The multi-touch pad doesn’t have a vertical or horizontal scroll bar. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. In case of the Seagate HDD, the burst rate is lower than the sequential read rate. Where does the GTM rank? The LCD panel and somewhat small battery capacity prevent us from giving the N61Jv our top Gold award, and we’d like the same matte black coating on the cover and LCD bezel and not just the palm rest. Like a hybrid car seamlessly switches from gas to electric, the N61Jv features NVIDIA Optimus technology to automatically optimize your computing experience so you can keep working without interruptions. During the chorus, the higher notes drowned out the lower tones, making it sound a little harsh.

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Boot time, too, was a fast 57 seconds. The total score of points is a lot lower. Products may not be available in all asus n61jv.

If you are looking for a gaming notebook, you won’t necessarily need a device with Nvidia’s Optimus. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. We can first access the RAM after removing. Weighing 6 pounds even, the N61J is a bit heavier than most notebooks in its class, most of asus n61jv have smaller Additionally, there is the glare display with a fairly low brightness.

Recent Drivers  ASUS EEE PC 1015PX DRIVER

A comparison to high-end graphic cards, like a Mobility Radeon HD points or a GeForce GTX M pointsshow that we are dealing with a graphic card of the lower midrange. In terms of competition, the N61Jv runs into a variety of offerings from all the major brands. If you are extremely frugal, you can reach almost five hours minutes with maximum energy savings.

Not even three hours in the WLAN test? Hardly to be explained is the large difference in the HDD scorethough. In case of the Seagate HDD, the burst rate is lower than the sequential read rate. As expected, the Geforce GT M is overtaxed with demanding games in high asus n61jv settings.

We’ve recently looked at the Dell Inspironwhich is going to be a focus for our performance and value comparisons. The Asus N61JV can use two graphic cards interchangeably.

Please refer specification pages asus n61jv full details. We’ll clarify these and more questions in this comprehensive review. Other changes relative to the UL50Vf aren’t quite as significant, but they do help performance.

While we could wish for a better display, at least we can asus n61jv that the N61Jv isn’t clearly worse than the asus n61jv in this particular asus n61jv. Superior chamber design with outputs asus n61jv 2.

Log in Don’t have an account? Pressing the ExpressGate button on the upper left-hand side of the deck launched the instant-on operating system in just 10 asus n61jv.


The narrow vertical viewing angles are very visible on the darkroom picture. Product specifications asus n61jv differ from country to country.

Splendid “Super-Sonic” Multimedia Enjoyment

A result of the good cooling, or rather asus n61jv of the dedicated graphics, is that users often can live without the fan while surfing. We only have one minor complaint with the keyboard, and that’s the asus n61jv of a half-size “0” key for the number keypad.

This way, the technology is only suitable for saving energy. Interesting shapes status LEDs. Asus n61jv has two physical cores with 2. Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography asus n61jv monitor settings.


The matt asus n61jv and feasible keyboard make it possible. In return, the power cable is nice and short. Open up the notebook and the appearance changes completely.

Thus, the HDD has a below asus n61jv, slow cache.

Optimus – pure mobility?