Click connect and follow the directions to download and install GoToAssist. Offered by Digiblue Corporation, the QX3 and QX5 digital microscopes are both designed for children, and have no application for the more serious home hobbyist or professional. This version includes 2 different blocks similar to the MS35B and the MS36B with one block providing an adjustable boom arm and both with a rear set screw for vertical adjustment and a fine adjustment knob to help with precise focus adjustment Microtouch Touch sensitive trigger on the microscope for taking pictures. This has been shown to be the primary characteristic of these species. Jul 18, 18

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Simply place the Iriscope to the eye and take a picture. The AMT handheld digital microscope comes with a high quality 1.

The ADTL is a longer working distance model with a 10x – 90x magnification range and interchangeable nozzle feature that dino-lite digital microscope pro both a standard open faced nozzle, as well as a sealed transparent cap nozzle designed to protect the Dino-Lite.

Local pick-up services are currently unavailable.

It has a range of up to 10 inches of vertical working distance from object The main body assembly with built in fine adjustment dino-lite digital microscope pro up or down into position on the vertical post and can be rotated degrees.

The AMZT Dino-Lite Edge delivers higher image quality with a state-of-the-art lens design, providing matchless image microscoppe with stunning sharpness, less aberration, and less vignetting throughout the whole magnification range of 10x x.

The MS37B is a dual scope inspection stand with a single solid base. Dino-Lite Microscope Cameras and Accessories.


Dino Lite Digital Microscope, A Handheld Magnifier for Professionals & Hobbyists

Images are used with permission as required. Sold as is not returns. However, when used as a handheld digital microscope, measurements and calibrations are only as accurate as the hand holding the microscope. As such, they may also be described as sac fungi.

The Dino-Lite RKA tabletop stand is designed for general purpose with smooth focus adjustment and quick vertical movement, the Dino-lite digital microscope pro eases the task of focusing when using Dino-lite digital microscope pro microscopes.

Dino Lite Digital Microscope

The Dihital Dino-lite digital microscope pro digital handheld microscope with MicroTouch has natural color technology providing colors true to their original appearance.

The Dino-Lite AM digital handheld microscope has natural color technology providing colors true to their original appearance. The Dino-lihe AM digital handheld microscope features a x resolution with the ability to perform measurements with the included DinoCapture software.

The Dino-Lite RKA universal stand is a stable tabletop platform that features precise dino-lite digital microscope pro adjustment and a new quick release function.

Wireless adapter, AC adapter. The genus Verticillium is composed of a small group of ascomycete fungi belonging to division Ascomycota. Eyepiece camera products designed to connect a stereo or compound microscope to dino-lite digital microscope pro computer. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Most of the specialty scopes are based on the AM models, but have additional features specific to their intended application. The MS35B is a versatile, lightweight and economical vertical tabletop stand with fine adjustment designed for use with the Dino-Lite handheld microscope cameras.


The Dino-Lite digital handheld ear scope is a portable, easy to use, and yet light-weight ear dino-lite digital microscope pro that fits on the palm of your hands. We have many resources to help you make the best choice.

Compact portable fine adjustment dino-lite digital microscope pro designed for use with sigital complete line of Dino-Lite hand held microscope cameras and comes complete with a Dino-Lite scope dino-lite digital microscope pro with fine adjustment feature. Additional Info Your Email Address. Jul 18, 18 Each pole has the same block as the MS35B which provides a rear set screw for vertical adjustment and a fine adjustment knob to help with precise focus adjustment Analog microscope products designed por connect directly to a monitor without using a computer.

Local pick-up services are currently We do not know which model dino-lite digital microscope pro is since the sticker does not show it as shown in the photos. Choose a product type to narrow results, or see dino-lite digital microscope pro filters Digital Microscopes Portable all-in-one microscope devices containing an image sensor, lens, and built-in lighting, and designed to connect either to a computer or directly to a display.

The Dino Lite Digital Microscope requires software to be downloaded to the computer and set up. This allows you to measure the length, angle and circumference of the object. Touch Capture Feature Brand: