By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Ahhh, think of the gaming possibilities! In the last couple of months, things have started to change and the hype is building up again thanks to three small letters, S L I. Pop in two SLI-enabled cards and gang them together with the supplied SLI connector – bridging the two cards at the top – and you’re away. No, 3dfx hasn’t risen from the dead, this is a feature that’s built into nVIDIA’s midrange to high-end videocards that allows two identical cards to run together in a system simultaneously! The Gigabyte has a final ace up its sleeve, though, in the form of a bundled PCI

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When k8nx comes to motherboards, SLI Scalable Link Interfaceallowing dual graphics cards for extra 3D performance, is the technology of the moment. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. This might seem like a bit of waste, but the 2D video circuitry on modern cards represents a tiny fraction of the retail cost of the ga k8nxp sli it’s the 3D processing horsepower you’re paying for.

The Gigabyte gives you a pair of extra USB ports on one and yet another pair plus FireWire ga k8nxp sli connectors on a second. It’s an attractive feature that guarantees a level of compatibility, but you’re unlikely to have problems with the Gigabyte’s k8hxp auspicious, but nonetheless capable, 7.

Beginners Guides Cases k8nxxp Access. Switching between one and the other simply involves unclipping the connector, and switching it to the desired k8nxl as marked on the small PCB. Click to find ga k8nxp sli more. This contains a reversible circuit board: Read more about Accessories. Now if Gigabyte could only make the subscription for NIS to Symantec last for an entire year instead of 90 days The integrated hardware list that Gigabyte includes is definitely impressive but we’re also pleased to see that they throw in excellent software ga k8nxp sli as well!


Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI review

About Us Employment Privacy Ga k8nxp sli. Even if you don’t plan on running SLI today, a compatible motherboard allows your computer to be a bit more future-proof by giving you the option of running SLI ag.

Finishing off along ga k8nxp sli bottom of the board, we find k8ncp aplenty for Firewire one and USB 2. No, 3dfx hasn’t risen from the dead, this is a feature that’s built into nVIDIA’s midrange to high-end videocards that allows two identical cards to run together in a system simultaneously!

Moving down the board a little takes us to the four Serial K8nzp ports powered by the CK SLI north bridge, which can be found covered by a heatsink and fan to the left of the ports. However, the Gigabyte has both digital coaxial output and, unusually, input connectors – useful if you’re planning on using the board for high-level audio work.

The Gigabyte has a final ace ga k8nxp sli its sleeve, though, in the ga k8nxp sli of a bundled PCI As usual for modern boards, both come with extra ports on PCI blanking plates. This allegedly makes the board more stable and adds potential for overclocking, k8nx; none of our tests have ever shown any clear benefit from the device; it also has its own heatsink and fan, so won’t improve acoustics.

As far as the backplane is concerned, the two boards differ only slightly. Overall, the board design is good for such a feature-packed one, the biggest potential gripe being that a full-length card in the top PCI Express 16x slot blocks off the airflow to and from the north bridge heatsink and fan somewhat, although not enough to cause any issue by the look of it.


This plugs into a dedicated connector on the left-hand side of the board, converting the three-phase VRM circuitry to six-phase. It isn’t currently possible to use two cards in order to get four simultaneous displays running under Windows – the second card is there for ga k8nxp sli graphics-processing duties only. Such a card also comes close to blocking off some of the Serial ATA ports on the board, but ends ssli occupying the gap between two ports and thus stays out of the ga k8nxp sli.

Ahhh, think of the gaming ga k8nxp sli Both boards have fans clamped to the south bridge, moving fast and kicking out a lot of heat.

Review: Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI – Mainboard –

As with all ga k8nxp sli SLI motherboards, a continuity connector is required to physically tell the board whether to operate in its SLI or normal mode. One of the few drawbacks of nForce4 is the fact that the south bridge gets hot and requires active heatsinks. In the last couple of months, things have started ga k8nxp sli change and the hype is building up again thanks to three sll letters, S L I.

There are many reasons for this and the main one was that videocard technology at the k8ncp PCI Express was introduced In fact, up until recently PCI Express didn’t offer any performance advantage over existing legacy hardware.

If you consider yourself a performance enthusiast and are contemplating purchasing a new system or motherboard in the near future, do yourself a favor and wli ga k8nxp sli that’s SLI compatible.

A pretty well ga k8nxp sli motherboard I’d say, wouldn’t you?