Relationships can be established via standard Microsoft ActiveSync. The SAM standard describes a smaller size smart card that is often used to store cryptographic keys in point-of-sale terminals, and is also used for medical applications, government projects or anywhere else where access security matters. It’s made of tough ABS plastic and feels very solid and very well built. You can also take notes during a call. Below you can see screenshots of the onscreen keyboard, the Block Recognizer, and Transcriber.

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Using the Nautiz X5 as a phone As long as you have a SIM nautiz x5 and an activated account for it, the Nautiz X5 can be used as a full-function nautiz x5. Millions used it on Palm Pilots. You can also take notes during a call.

There is the integrated keypad. All of this is operated by the Windows software that even with the X5’s speedy processor is slow and cumbersome, with the usual Windows Mobile combination of menus, pulldowns and check boxes.

Ruggedness While the Nautiz X5 is not an ultra-rugged device, its light weight, impact-resistant plastic housing and overall design and construction make it able to handle the use and abuse that may be encountered in industrial applications.

Specification Size mm 6. It nautiz x5 standard with natiz 3 mega-pixel camera nautis autofocus and LED flash. It is a full-function Pocket Nautiz x5 with nautiz x5 versions of Office apps as well as email, messaging, browsing and numerous utilities. The analog resistance touch panel display uses a large 3. Contact Us Nautiz x5 Brochure. When not in use, it fits into a slot on the upper right. Nautiz x5 This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.


Microsoft nautiz x5 the rights to it a number of years ago and it’s been part of Windows Mobile ever since. The one to the right glows amber when wireless is on and blinks blue for activity. With Windows Mobile nautiz x5.

A peek inside Since we nautiz x5 cannot resist taking a peek mautiz the rugged systems we review, below is a look at the guts of the Nautiz X5. Windows Mobile, on the other hand, is a platform that is also based on Windows Embedded CE, but nautiz x5 the more consumer-oriented look and feel and features required for PDAs and smartphones.

The housing is held together by eight small Philips screws.

LHNav DEMO: Handheld Nautiz X5

The bigger picture is that Windows Mobile remains a curious animal. One feature that’s been overlooked here is the totally terrific Nautiz x5 T9 predictive text entry.

The note will have the caller’s name, the phone number, and the nautiz x5 of the call already on it. First, nautiz x5 Nautiz X5 is fast and powerful. Finally, this handheld is tough and mobile enough to take anywhere. With Windows Mobile 6.


@ Handheld Nautiz X5 Rugged PDA

For audio, there is a microphone below the keypad, a small speaker for phone operation above the display, a generously-sized speaker in the back, and a nautiz x5 connector on the right. Nautiz X5 hand strap. And it nautiz x5 easy to use and practical. Below you can see screenshots of the onscreen keyboard, the Block Nautiz x5, and Transcriber.

It’s a judgment call. An IP65 rating means the Nautiz X5 is impervious to dust and highly water-resistant, and it can withstand drops from 1.

The camera can take pictures with resolutions ranging from x pixels all the way up to full x pixels. Accessories Nautiz X5 Charger.

The front side has, in addition to the screen and keypad, the microphone, speaker, and two indicator lights for charge status and wireless radio status. Unloved by most and it bautiz nautiz x5 Microsoftnautiz x5 platform nevertheless became the de-facto standard for industrial and vertical market handhelds, and that seems unlikely to change anytime soon.