Tuning the primary curcuit is achived by altering the capacitance of the tank cap, or adjusting the number of turns in the primary circuit. The best one would be the Pulse controller. Sorry this is beyond the scope of this article. This mini Tesla Coil runs from a small 12V battery. You can also place a small neon indicator bulb Ne1 in series with a 1k resistor and place this between the low voltage wires to your ignition coil. In order to cause significant current flow in the coil at this frequency, the input voltage would need to be much higher. Such a high frequency introduces losses so we can reduce this frequency by adding a larger topload.

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What can I do to fix this?

Also, if it turns out to be AC, could I put a bridge rectifier in between the wall plug and the primary? How are they attached to the secondary coils exactly? Hello Is there a way to hook up my coils to get more voltage that won,t damage the coils? Yes, The Schottky is used as it will respond quickly to and reverse voltage spikes and prevent the 2n from being destroyed, but that can also have a negative effect on the output becasue of it preventing the current from being switched off quickly.

The inductance of the coils simply determines the frequncy at which they will resonate. It averages ignitiin 20kV. If you build it as shown on that site, it is absolutely guaranteed to self destruct at some point while you are making sparks. These circuits will work great for driving ignition coils for high voltage but they can be susceptible to damage from inductive spikes.

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Thanks for the help.

The secondary coil is wound around a plastic tube. Keep an eye on the temperature of the heatsink if you are going at 5A. The second part of the circuit C2 and L2 must be constructed so that its natural resonant frequency is the same as the previous part. And another thing, I tuned the ignition coil driver to 6.

The old ignition coils provide a very cheap way of generating a high voltage for charging the capacitor.

DIY Homemade Ignition Coil Driver – RMCybernetics

Using 2N transistors in this way is not ideal, but it is what we had available at the time for the project. Flyback transformers are usually designed to work at high frequencies.

I will be shopping with you on Thursday, either online or by phone if thats ok, there are some other parts I need that i couldnt find on your site. That is precisely what I am attempting to do. You can connect as many as you like in parallel. When you are driving the coil and there is no arc, massive amounts of e. I have built a clone of steve wards micro sstc.

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All HV interconnecting wires should be well insulated and kept away from eachother. Is this feasible on this board? Does this make sense?

What am I doing wrong here? I have designed similar circuit using AVR microcontroller as a driver. It is very imprtant that you isolate all power, and discharge the capacitor before making any adjustments.

Tesla Coils

You can use as many or as few as you need. What function does this capacitor have and how is it used? I have built the ignition coil driver circuit posted on your website 4th dec and I am getting a good spark with a spark plug.

It is usually several hundred turns. I know I have roughly the right capacitance, pretty sure that I have a good ground connection 3 foot piece of steel pounded into the groundand a good transformer that matches the tank capacitorbut I am not getting the slightest bit of corona out of the topload.

The timer circuit you used has a very limited range of adjustment for pulse width iignition cycle. The second one uses DC charging.