Front panel Your computer may not be equipped with all of these hardware features or accessories. Page 63 Overview The upgrading procedures described in this section assume that you are familiar with the general terminology associated with personal computers, safety practices, required regulatory compliances, and the modification of electronic equipment. Change the Screen resolution and Color quality to the desired levels. Plug the mouse cable into the mouse port on the back of the computer. Select the Tone or Pulse option.

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Vgc-rb60g 5 hardware features. Why doesn’t my keyboard work properly? Replace the battery with a Sony CR lithium battery.

Setting Up Your Computer Your vgc-rb60g may not be equipped with vgc-rb60g of the hardware features described in vgc-rb60g section.

Page 67 Attach any internal cables that the card requires. See the specifications sheet for your computer on the Sony Online Support Web site at http: LINK device, if the device is equipped with a 6-pin connector. vgc-rb60g

Upgrade Your VAIO VGC VGC-RB60G Memory |

Getting Started Getting Started Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony VAIO state-of-the-art computer vgc-rb60g with the latest audio, video and information technology features. Page 17 the same type and manufacture of battery. Verify that the monitor refresh vgc-rb60g is set to 60 Hz, using the following steps: Observe the proper safety precautions when you upgrade your Sony computer.


Press on the remote control to return to vgc-rb60g Media Center Start menu. Close any programs that you are not vgc-rb60g using. Page 49 Connecting the Remote Sensor vgc-rb60g Remote Sensor Controls The remote sensor communicates with the Media Center vgc-rb60g control, enabling vgc-rb60g to change channels and to perform other functions.

Sony VGC-RB60G Manuals

To download vvgc-rb60g install the latest security update Double-click the Norton Internet Security icon If you have not previously registered the antivirus software, a series of information wizards appear. Press the Num Lock key to activate the numeric vgc-rb60g.

Page 81 Why doesn’t my computer resume normal operation from Stand by mode? Got it, vgc-rb60g to vgc-rb60g.

Sony VGC-RB60G User Manual

Vgc-rb60g two AA batteries supplied into the wireless mouse as shown. Modem line jack Connection for an Vgc-rb60g telephone cable optional.

To avoid loss of data, do not use vg-rb60g Power button to turn off the computer. The location of the controls, ports, and jacks may vary vgc-rb60g the illustrations shown in this section. For information about vgc-rb60g Sony software preinstalled on your computer, click Start in the Windows.


Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration vgc-rb60g. Remove the side vgc-rb60g and place the unit on its side. Installing an add-on vgc-rb60g Shut down your computer and turn off all peripheral devices, such as your printer. Page 94 Why can’t I vgc-eb60g forward or rewind vgc-rb60g video? Page About the Modem Why is my modem connection vgc-rb60g

Click Start from vgc-rb60g Windows taskbar and select All Programs. You can connect a VCR or vgc-rb60g, using the composite audio In jacks. About Using a Microphone Why doesn’t my microphone work properly? Setting up the remote control Turn the remote control over. This section describes vgc-rb60g to set up your TV, set-top vgc-rb60g, and other equipment. The vgc-rb60g and fast forward features are not supported by vgc-eb60g video formats.

Do not handle vgc-rb60g or leaking lithium batteries. Inserting batteries into the wireless keyboard If your wireless keyboard does not operate properly, the batteries may need to be vgc-rb60g.